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Well drilling specialist Emery Bilolo – a success story

They are both the heart of the concept and the pillars on which the organization depends for its success – the graduates of the DITUNGA and Kananga well drilling schools. As engineers, organizers and people who share their knowledge with others, they are key to the success of the Brunnenbau macht Schule initiative. Emery Bilolo is one of them.

“He is very reliable. I’m glad we have him on board,” states Hartmut Heuser, founder and director of the Brunnenbau macht Schule initiative. Emery Bilolo is part of the first generation of well engineers to be trained in Kananga and has been working at the school for five years now. Mr. Heuser considers Emery Bilolo’s technical knowledge and, more importantly, his skill with people to be a tremendous asset. “Mr. Bilolo is very good at assessing which villages would be good places to work with. What’s more, he is calm and patient, qualities that make him an excellent teacher.”

The professional technician was out of work for a long time. Just like many other Congolese, Emery Bilolo and his wife and child had to live from hand to mouth. The school in Kananga was “a huge opportunity for him.” He quickly rose in the ranks from engineer to professor and survey specialist. According to Mr. Heuser, “He has an eye for figuring out where there is water and where there isn’t. He’s also very good at estimating  differences in altitude and knows a thing or two about geology as well.”



Emery Biolos technisches Verständnis und sein Gespür für Menschen sieht Heuser als große Stütze.

Mr. Heuser relies on Emery Bilolos’ technological know-how and feel for people.


Kinshasa: the next project

Mr. Bilolo has been acting as deputy for Silvain Marocain Matala, director of the well drilling school in Kananga. He recently finished up a project in Nzaji, which is near Ngandajika. In January 2012, Mr. Bilolo conducted classes in the capitol, working in close collaboration with the Kinshasa – Kingabwa Rotary Club.

Mr. Bilolo has accomplished a lot in five years. But Mr. Heuser knows that he wants to accomplish even more. “Emery Bilolo dreams of setting up a large school where people from all over the province can come together.” However, the organization has not been able to realize this dream due to lack of funds. “We have to take smaller steps but we are getting closer to our goal with every step we take.”

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