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Short CV

Hartmut Heuser, born in Berlin in 1938, is the founder and head of the initiative “Brunnenbau macht Schule”.

Since 2006, the engineer and business administrator from Munich became involved as a Rotarian in the Rotary Committee countries Germany and Francophone Africa. Hartmut Heuser is no water technician, he is with his interests a literal generalist.

2004-2005 Hartmut Heuser visited a hospital project in Bolivia and the EMAS well drilling school.

1986-2003 Hartmut Heuser worked as a freelance sales engineer. From Aschau/Sachrang  he imported from Italian measurement technology and sold it to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

1968-1985 Hartmut Heuser lived and worked in the USA, Germany and France. ten years he was employed as an export director at the French state company Thomson-CSF in France, Burgundy. From there he controlled the export business of Thomson-CSF.

1966-1976 Hartmut Heuser studied economics and political science in Munich. In parallel, he worked in the import business for U.S. measurement technology of the company Nucletron.

1962 – 1965 Hartmut Heuser made an apprenticeship in technical business as a sales engineer with Friedrich Krupp of Essen and Potain in France.

Hartmut Heuser attended school in Bavaria, Saxony and France. He graduated at the Ecole du SHAPE International School in St. Germain with the French Abitur (German recognition with baccalaureate examination at the German Embassy in Paris).