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riemblem_colorA Project of the Rotary Club Munich-Solln

“A Well Drilling School in the Congo”  – The initiative for clean water


A glass with brown water! Would you drink it?

Clean water is a luxury in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 75 percent of the people who live in Congo have to drink dirty or even contaminated water. As a result, they are faced with life-threatening diseases and a very high child mortality rate.


Helping people help themselves

The goal of the ” initiative for clean water on the Congo” is to give more people in Congo access to clean water. Founder Hartmut Heuser bases his approach on the idea of helping people help themselves. Congolese people learn to how to design, build and operate hand-drilled wells at mobile well drilling schools. The students build wells where they are needed without having to use complicated technology. Eventually, the students become owners of small, independent businesses, providing more and more people with access to clean water by building more wells.


Clean water by hand-drilled wells

The “initiative for clean water in the Congo” began building wells in 2006. Since then, the initiative has organized courses and built by this 500 wells with 300,000 dollars in donations, giving more than 200,000 people in four provinces of the Congo access to clean water.

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Dipl. Ing. Thomas Schinkel
„Architekten über Grenzen“
- Koordinator Berufsschule in Kikwit

E-Mail: schinkel@architekten-ueber-grenzen.de

Dipl. Ing. Hartmut Heuser
„Rotary Club München-Solln“
- Projektverantwortlicher

E-Mail: ingbuero@hartmut-heuser.de