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“Brunnenbau macht Schule” is looking for volunteers

The Brunnenbau macht Schule initiative has been made possible through the dedication of its founder, Hartmut Heuser. In Congo he is often the only white person working with his Congolese partners to set up a new well drilling school. But he keeps very busy in Germany as well, between his trips to Congo:

– Donation acquisition and project marketing

– Preparing and giving talks

– Looking for new partners

– Accounting

– Keeping in constant touch with his contacts in Congo

Brunnenbau macht Schule is an initiative that has continued to grow since the time it was founded. In order to keep it running effectively, Hartmut Heuser needs support, financial, of course, but also in the form of active, personal engagement.

If you are interested in volunteering for Brunnenbau macht Schule, please contact Hartmut Heuser 0r donate your time.