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Prof. Dr. Peter Horn, Geoscientist, supports the Brunnenbau macht Schule initiative

Geoscientist Prof. Dr. Peter Horn supports the initiative “Brunnenbau macht Schule”

As a geoscientist, I spend a lot of time working in developing countries that have serious problems with their water supply, countries like Sudan, Brazil and Peru. I am truly impressed by the technical realization and socio-economic intent of the Brunnenbau macht Schule initiative. The organization teaches people living in Congo how to use local tools and material to drill and maintain wells of adequate size directly on site.

This project stands in strong contrast to the government-sponsored and supranational programs involving high-tech projects. The wells built through the Brunnenbau macht Schule initiative have been effectively designed for the Congo climate and to meet the needs of the people. Because of their design, these wells don’t end up like the ones that are constructed with extensive technical effort and that need to be operated using solar power or diesel generators. The technology being used for complicated wells cannot withstand the high humidity and sand. The groundwater drawdown cones are so large that the water cannot even be replenished!

Munich, 12 January 2012

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Horn
IAFEA Expert for Isotope Geochemistry,
Bayerische Staatssammlung für Paläontologie und Geologie
(Bavarian State Paleontology and Geology Collection)

Abbé Matthieu Ilunga supports Brunnenbau macht Schule

Abbé Matthieu Ilunga

I am a big advocate of Hartmut Heuser’s Brunnenbau macht Schule project. I am very pleased to be able to support this initiative because I have experienced the water problem in Congo first hand.

I come from the Congolese village of Nzaji, Kasai Oriental province, where two wells were built in 2011 by this project for the 800 school children in the village.

I am a priest by profession. I am currently spending some time in Germany where I am helping out at the diocese in Würzburg. Here is my address:

Abbé Matthieu Ilunga
Zur Kartause 4
97852 Schollbrunn, Germany



Abbé Matthieu Ilunga
Brunnen im Heimatdorf von Abbé Matthieu Ilunga

Well in Abbé Matthieu Ilunga’s home village



Eine Spende von z.B. 100 € kann einer Person/ Familie Zugang zu täglich sauberem Wasser ermöglichen.

Eine Ausbildung an der Berufsschule kostet 150,00 € pro Schüler für einen 3 Monatskurs. Durch das Weitergeben des Gelernten werden durch diese 150,00 € mehr und mehr Menschen täglich sauberes Wasser haben können.

Ein ganzer Brunnen, der 1000 bis 2000 Menschen lebensnotwendiges Wasser spendet, kostet im Rahmen einer Ausbildung durch die Brunnenbauschule zirka 3.000,00 €.

Das monatliche Gehalt eines Instrukteurs während eines Lehrgangs beträgt 1200 € – damit kann er seine Familie bis zu 6 Monate lang ernähren.