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Helping more people help themselves – the well drilling schools are growing

A trip to Congo: February 21 – April 1, 2012

– Assess the activities of the well drilling schools in Kinshasa, Kimbongo (Bandundo province), Ngandajika, Shenga, Tshumbe and Kananga

– Inspect the wells that were dug in 2011

– Well engineer quality assurance inspections

– Networking for on-site instructors and school coordinators

– Clarify technical improvement measures

– Inspect and plan new wells in Nzaji, Kinshasa and Kisangani

An overview of the trip stages:


Destination Agenda Contacts
Kinshasa – Evaluate completed trainings and well drilling projects- Concluding talks and settlement of accounts – Felix Kanyama, President of the “Commission de projet” for the Kinshasa Kingabwa Rotary Club- Accompanied by Kathrin Schilling, Munich-Solln Rotary Club


Kinshasa  – Solar lighting activities- Check in with the schools – Abbé Cappelle, St. Raphael- Various coordinators from the school, including Pelagie Antandjo and Non Mbangile 
 Bandundo province, Kikwit diocese  Inspection of new well sites
 Ngandajika  Evaluate completed training courses and well drilling projects  – Abbé Prof. Apollinaire Cibaka Cikongo, Founder and Director of the DITUNGA cooperative- Jean Emmanuel Lukula, Head Instructor of the well drilling center- Accompanied by Rotarian Dr. Gaby Andrae (dermatologist) and Dr. Arne Thies (tropical agriculturalist)


 Nzaji  Plans for new well drilling projects  – Village chief and oldest member- Accompanied by Rotarian Dr. Gaby Andrae (dermatologist) and Dr. Arne Thies (tropical agriculturalist)
Shenga and Tshumbe  Evaluate completed training courses and well drilling projects  Abbé Marcel Kilombo
 Kananga  – Review of training courses- Organizational matters (e.g., buying a car and new pedal pump technology for the well drilling schools on site  – Sylvain Matala, Director of the school- Emery Bilolo, Head Instructor- Archbishop Marcel Madila


2nd half of 2012

Drilling of new wells in Kinshasa, Kisangani and Nzaji in the second half of 2012. These wells will primarily provide residents of the suburbs and rural areas with clean water.


New courses are scheduled to begin at the well-drilling school in Kananga. Two to four sample wells will be dug for each course.